Larry Kenney 7'9'', 5wt. Special 5pc build on a prototype blank. Reel was built by my friend Anders Schagerström, and is designed by our mutual friend, reel master Ingvar Nilsson.  

Winston Stalker 8', 4wt. Custom made by James Green with a Young Valdex. 

Abel TR2, custom made in solid, matte finish. Less is more. 

The API Spring Creek is a rare and quite unknown reel. It was manufactured in the 80's and was designed by big game reel designer Oscar Kovalevsky. The construction is simple, elegant and quirky. Large arbour clicker, with the spring mechanism hidden inside the drum. My reel was previously owned by Mr. Lefty Kreh. 

This is a very rare Anniversary Sage reel, made by Ari't Hart in the 90's. It's paired with a vintage Sage SFL 7'9'', 6wt. Unfortunately, this rod is not in my collection anymore. 

The original Ross R-series was manufactured in Etna, Californien in the 70's and made in four different trout sizes. Solid contruction, same brake tension pay/retrieve. The font is very typical for its period.