Monday, December 22, 2014

This is one of those mythical tapers, a blank that is actually still available on special order. This is my take on the Winston WT, 8', 4wt, 2pc - also known as Tom Morgan Favorite. It's a soft and crisp rod, with a delicate tip and a nice progressive action. I have had my eyes on this blank for many years, but never had the chance to build one. Last year I finished a 8', 4wt Tom Morgan Rodsmith fiberglass rod for a gentleman in the US. He was very satisfied with the outcome, and challenged me to build the TMF  graphite rod for him. I knew that Shane Gray had a TMF blank in his inventory, and I asked him if he would consider selling it. Shane kindly offered us the blank, and here is the result. The blank is appointed with an up-locking cork seat and a flat full-wells. Snake Brand Originals in dark nickel, wrapped in green silk. Mildrum type stripping guide from Rec. This one will be hard to get rid of...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Here comes another Epic 480. This one in the new color "Slate" - a aeautifully understated and subtle color that goes together perfectly with bronze hardware. This rod was appointed with an old Lemke LC14 skeleton from his early production. I love the Scott-style butt cap on the old LC14 seats. The rest of the rod holds a traditional western grip and bronze guides from Pac Bay. Nothing spectacular - just a wonderful Epic taper, ready to fish! This rod is spoken for. 

This is a brand new Epic 480 in mocha color. It's appointed with a special Lemke seat I got from my friend and rod building colleague George Minculete a few years back. This is George's signature seat and it's not available on the market. I find it damn sharp and have been waiting for the right build to use it. The subtle detailing goes together well with a short Ritz grip and java silk finished guides in dark nickel. This rod is spoken for. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here comes another special rod. The black DH rod in the middle was built on the same one-piece, 5' spinning blank as in the former post. A dear friend of mine is a highly experienced spey caster, and we spend a lot of time together on a small stream fishing for brook trout. My friend asked me if I would be interested in making a prototype rod with a spey grip on a midge sized blank. Being a one hand caster, I find this rather quirky. But for me, fly fishing is a place of intellectual freedom and exchange of new ideas. Sharing and exploring just about anything with dear friends. This rod has an all cork reel seat with a plain sliding ring in aluminum. It has two recessed hoods, one in the front grip for up-locking use, and one in the spey grip for down-locking. This is a concept I have decided to use on up-coming builds. It allows you to change the point of balance by simply moving the reel.   

I have always been fascinated by one piece rods. A while back I ordered a bunch of short fiberglass spinning blanks, tapers that are highly appreciated among US rod builders when built as fly rods. This little cabin rod is only 5' long and is the perfect companion when fishing small creeks with lots of vegetation and good sized trout. It performs well somewhere between DT3 and WF5, depending on situation. It was appointed with a short all cork grip and a down locking reel seat made from aluminium, cork and black rubber. 

I apologize for the dull pictures. November has only offered two hours of blue sky and sun light here in Stockholm, and I always take my pictures with daylight only. I have also been very busy lately, and I wish I would have had more time to capture it the way it deserves. This rod was donated and sold yesterday at an fly fishing auction, arranged to raise funds for local water preservation. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Here comes the midge model in the Kabuto family. This is a 6'6'', 2wt rod that also can handle a 3wt line. It was appointed with an all cork seat with a rubber butt cap, and a slim cigar grip. The guides were wrapped with YLI silk in a cold grey/blue color scheme. To emphasize the fact that this is a midge rod, I decided not to use a stripping guide on this rod. This rod will soon cross the ocean to it's new home in Maryland. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Epic 480 is my favorite among the Epic blanks. This particular specimen was flattered with a home made reel seat in stabilized spalted hickory and blued brass, leading over in a 6'' Ritz grip turned from flor grade Portugese cork. Snake Brand Originals and a small, arched Mildrum type stripper wrapped with Persall Java. This rod will be hard to send away to its new owner...