Sunday, November 24, 2019

Another stunning build for all Epic lovers out there. Epic 580 Fastglass II with my new favorite grip/seat configuration. It takes some time to make it, but it's light and amazingly comfortable. The slide ring is wider and has a coned profile in order to hold the reel foot better over the angled cork. Butterscotch YLI silk and chrome guides. This rod was made for a customer and is ready to ship out. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I met Markus Haldin here in Sweden a few years ago. We spent a few days fishing together, and enjoyed each others company. Markus is one of the most dedicated trout fisherman I know, and there are no white waters he wouldn't dare to deep wade. Markus Haldin is also a professional rod builder, and has a nice line-up of fiberglass rods. This is his 8', 8wt in Orange Rust, finished in pike style with durable components in aluminum and a short fighting butt. It has a strong, medium fast progressive action, but with a smooth bend. The balance is just perfect, and I look forward to take it out for a spin. 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Since a couple of years we have a new rod building supplier here in Sweden, RFT Gear in Åkersberga. I have been building on their fly and spinning blanks, and the quality is outstanding. RFT Gear is acting as a tackle broker between high-end production units in South Korea and some of the best tackle companies in the world. This is a delicate subject so I won't go into details, but it's worth to remind everyone that there is a big difference between Asian blanks and Asian blanks. The Red Truck Dieel 476 is no exception. Very well balanced taper with progressive medium fast action, and perfect amount of butt reserve. All with a very reasonable price tag. Are you looking for a winter project? This might be the blank for you...

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Loop Cross S1 590, finished with a leftover Greyline metal seat from another Loop project. This rod was made as a gift from me to a friend of mine, whose son is one of the most talented young fly tyers in Sweden at the moment. I remember myself at that age, no money but plenty of time. Fish it hard, Petrus, this one is for you.  

Epic Fastglass II 580 in amber color, finished with a Lemke threaded uplocking seat in solid black over varnished cork. Black snakes and stripping guide in premium quality from Alps, wrapped with butterscotch Kimono silk. This rod has been baptized by a friend in Swedish Lapland, and landed at least one 4lb brown trout. Wonderful taper from Carl McNeil of Epic Swift. 

Tom Morgan Rodsmith, 8', 5wt. Finished in classic Winston style, with "German nickel silver" skeleton over Turkish walnut insert. All made in the shop. Butt cap in black delrin gives it that utilitarian, 70's style. Love it. Scarlet silk wraps over chrome guides and a tungsten stripping guide with a raised frame in old Orvis style.  

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Some of budget blanks are surprisingly good, and this is one of them. Pacific Bay Rainforest 7'6'', 4wt is a graphite rod perfect for brook trout fishing in small creeks with high grass. 7'6'' is slightly longer than most of the brookie rods I use, but the extra length lifts the line over the grass and is still very accurate. I have been keeping this blank for a couple of years, but decided to build it and let go of it. 
Finished with 6061 Alu skeleton and a straight Ritz grip. Another favorite of mine is to use a snake guide in stead of a stripping guide. It works fine on short distance and gives the rod a sparse look.