Monday, September 21, 2015

Here comes a recently finished bamboo rod made on a blank by the amazing Chris Bogart. The taper is Pezon&Michel's Fario Club, 8'5'', 6wt, 2pc in staggered configuration. The blank was appointed in typical P&M style, with the very characteristic wedding cake-styled winding check (turned in-house) and the french colored trim bands. Reel seat in Bronze anodization with an insert turned from laminated bamboo and a traditional Ritz grip. The rod was finished with Spar varnish over red silk. The rod has a powerful, parabolic taper and is ready to fish. I had the honor to meet Mr. Bogart when visiting Michigan this summer. He was a true gentleman, very humble and generous. He showed me some examples of his outstanding workmanship from the back of his car. This blank was originally order by my old friend, the reel designer Ingvar Nilsson. He asked me to finish it in P&M style, and I feel very proud of the assignment and the outcome. We have decided to list it for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.  

I have been moving towards shorter tapers lately. Here comes a complete remake of a vintage blank, probably an old Fisher. It's a 6', 4/5wt rod, perfect for trout fishing in small streams. This blank was traded in, partly finished and with a not so nice, complete dip-varnished finish. It tools some time to get rid of the old varnish. After having stripped it down, I decided to finish the blank in brown tones, with an all cork grip/seat and blued brass skeleton with a rubber cap. The action is medium fast, with a good power reserve. This rod is for sale. Price $295 + $50 int. shipping.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

This is the first Ijuin Yomogi blank leaving my work shop. I really can't tell why it took me so long, because I love Japanese glass, and these blanks are very well made and the tapers are amazing. All very different, and all very good at what they were designed for. This is a 5'11'', 3wt taper with a nice, parabolic action. It loads deeply, and it was originally designed to use when teaching kids to fly fish. The short length in combination with the obvious and deep action is probably perfect for a new beginner. I turned and knurled the skeleton from aluminum, accomplished with a butt plate in green rubber. The guides were wrapped with olive Pearsall silk, and I decided not to use a stripping guide on this one. I have another Ijuin waiting on the work bench, but it will have to wait until after the summer break.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I try to always be unique in my style and never copy someone else work. But sometimes I see something that really makes me curious, and this time I really needed to try this myself. I have been following the work of Japanese bamboo builder Katsumi Harada for quite some time, and I'm a huge admirer of his rods. I especially love the grips, and how they are integrated with the reel seat. It's somewhat related to the works of Stephen Boshoffs work in South Africa. I believe in shorter grips, where the reel is sitting very close to the hand. Mr. Harada makes this reel seat/grip on all his rods, and I can guarantee that it's very well balanced and ergonomic. The blank is a Yellow River 6'6'', 3wt, a crisp brook trout taper with nice flex curve and quick recovery, appointed with Snake Brand Originals all wrapped in orange silk. This rod is going to the highly talented leather craftsman Chris Fox, who in return is working on a leather creel for me. Chris is up and coming, and I'm proud to be making this trade with him. Check out his work at

I posted my own Alchemy Dharma 7'5'', 4wt the other day, and here comes another one. This one has a different reel seat made of blued brass and Turkish Walnut, and an orange signature wrap on the stripping guide. Thanks Aki, for designing this excellent blank!

Here comes a recently finished Epic Swift DH11, with exactly the same appointments like one I did earlier this year. Heavy duty Rec reel seat, YLI silk, Mildrum stripper and Snake Brand Original guides. And a custom made winding check in blued brass. This one is on its way to sunny California.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This is the last of my James Green Semi-Parabolic 7'4'', 4wt blanks, showing off an up/down locking reel seat in cross-cut Bocote and blued brass. Dark nickel snake guides in bronze and a blued  Mildrum ME stripping guide, all wrapped with orange Pearsall silk. I made this friend for my dear friend and highly talented rod maker Chris Barclay in St Louis. In return, Chris has promised me one of his new parabolic 4wt rods, the 75p. Sometimes it's extra great to be a rod maker.