Thursday, June 17, 2021

This is a recent build made for a fellow rodbuilder here in Sweden. It's a sanded test blank from Tomo Ijuin with progressive action, finished with an offset reel seat with rubber butt cap and Corian/alu rings. Crisp medium action. I'm not sure if Tomo has these in stock, but it's a very nice taper.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

This is a 9', 10wt carbon rod from Epic. I made this as a personal rod for pike fishing here in Sweden. When it's windy and you want to use the biggest flies in the box, you need extra power. I hope this rod will do the trick. The fighting butt design is a completely new design in aluminum. The open end serves as a hook keeper, but can also be used for a sip of whiskey. Remember where you saw it first.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Here comes a small fiberglass rod for brook trout fishing. It's a 6', 2-3wt blank from Hilevel, finished with a NS skeleton and ventilated grip. I decided to use NOS Philipson spiral guides on this one. You don't see them often these days. Bill Philipson was born in Sweden and had a long career in the US as a rod designer. He deserves to be mentioned, and to get new attention from a younger generation. I don't know the story behind the spiral guides. They remind me of Japanese rod making and look very cool.  



This bamboo blank was made by my friend Jory Ward. He sent it to me a year ago to finish for another friend who is an artisan shoe maker in Barcelona, Mr Norman Vilalta. We have been trading shoes and rods for a few years and I'm very proud to offer him this very special rod. The blank is a 7', 4wt rod with bamboo ferrules. It has a smooth medium action and is extremely light in hand. It was appointed with a bi-metal skeleton in NS and brass, a straight cork grip and white silk wraps. The rod was finished some time ago, but it has been hard to let it go...


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Epic 480G is a brand new taper from Carl McNeil and the Epic Swift team. The innovation lies in the material, using a hi-tech composite with graphene. This rod was appointed to flatter the material, with light hardware and a minimalistic look. Final weight is 47 gram/1,65 oz. Pair it with a Wynchwood River 4/5 and you will end just above 100 gram. Not bad for a 4wt combo. Downlock aluminum seat, ventilated cork grip and brown Kimono silk. This rod will be available through Alternative Tackle.  


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I really appreciate Markus Haldins tapers, short, fast and crisp. This is his 7', 5wt rod. Finished with a new but cap design with an inner blued cap and an outer NS sleeve. Straight Ritz grip, chrome guides and Elephant silk. This rod will be offered for sale.  

 Ijuin Hard-Para 7'02'', 3/4wt, finished with a ventilated grip in midwest style. Walnut reel seat and Garrison hardware from Bellinger. One of the best tapers out there.