Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's been a while since I completed a James Green blank. This is one of the last semi-parabolic blanks left from our cooperation a few years ago. I still have one left that I will keep for my personal use. This is a very nice taper, I love it even more today than back when we designed it. Light weight, semi-parabolic taper, very crisp and responsive. It was appointed with my own reel seat in blued brass and cross-cut Bocote. Straight Ritz grip with a flare at the front, Snake Brand Originals in dark nickel wrapped with Gossamer silk. This rod was sold before completion. 

This Epic 480 was made on order to a Swedish customer. The appointments are very contemporary, with a very comfortable Snub Nose grip and a downlocking reel seat from Joel Lemke. The insert was turned by me, and is made from Wenge wood, which is a very hard and has a deep and beautiful color. All guides on this rod were made by Alps, and they have the best coating on the market. Extremely durable, which is rare when it comes to black hardware. Wrapped in grey Gossamer silk, with black tipping.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Here comes another Epic 480 in white. It's appointed with my new up/downlocking reel seat. All hardware in blued brass and brown rubber. Straight Ritz grip in flor grade Portugese cork. Arched Mildrum style stripping guide and Snake Brand Originals. Stripping guide has a signature wrapping in Gossamer Pearsall Java, the rest in white silk. This rod is for sale through Alternative Tackle, UK. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This is a new Japanese blank, Alchemy Dharma 7'5'', 4/5wt that was designed by Mr Akihiko Kawasaki on Alchemy Tackle in Japan. I'm very pleased about the performance of this rod. Many people refer to glass rods as "close to bamboo", but I would say that is quite unusual. Modern glass is light and crisp, and not very like bamboo at all. At least when it comes to traditional progressive tapers. But this taper is parabolic, which means it has a flat mid section and a soft butt. This taper geometry gives the rod a very special performance. The soft butt section acts like a hinge in the blank, helping it to load very deeply. This makes the rod an excellent distance caster, but it's also great for casting situations where you need to unload the line in narrow spots, for example roll casting in between trees. The swing weight is relatively high on this blank, which makes the rod less line weight sensitive and more open to different line weights. The mass distribution makes the rod load nicely by using only its own mass, which allows the rod to load with a lighter line than it's designed for. There is a big gap in the market for parabolic rods, and I will get back to this blank in future builds. 

This build was appointed Japanese style with nickel silver and bamboo details, featuring my new down/uplocking reel seat. It will be sent to a fellow rod builder in the US who is currently making a rod for me on the same blank. I can't wait...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where would we be without CTS on New Zealand? They are one of the most important manufacturers of contemporary fiberglass blanks. They supply high end custom tapers to builders all over the world. They also have their own line of fiberglass rods, the Quartz series. This is an 8', 6wt Quartz rod that has been given +25% stiffness. It's a special edition made for the Swedish tackle shop Flyfishing Masters. This custom Quartz blank is available in other weights as well, and I can highly recommend it. This build was appointed in saltwater style, and will be the perfect companion for sea run brownies, bass or arctic pike. 

This rod is available through Alternative Tackle. 

Here comes another old stock inventory build. This is a extremely light graphite rod, CTS Affinity 7'6'', 0wt. The original build had a different grip shape.  I have turned it down and straightened it up. I like the idea of straight grips, but they look terrible.  A minor flare at the nose made all the difference on this rod, both from an aesthetical and ergonomical point of view. This rod is for sale. Asking price $295 + international EMS shipping $60. 

This is a rod I made a couple years back. It's a replica build on a NOS Winston Stalker 7', 4wt blank that I got from James Green many years ago. I have kept it in the shop as a reference rod, but I have never been satisfied with the grip. Last week, Matt Leiderman posted a few stunning Winston replicas, so I decided to do something about the grip of this rod. I have turned it down in the front, and made it more of a traditional Winston full wells. I have also decided to offer it for sale. Asking price $495 + international EMS shipping $60.