Sunday, February 17, 2019

This is my first Epic 580-4 in the new Fastglass II version. It's a tad lighter and crisper than the previous version and feels like an improvement. The translucent butterscotch blank has a fine, riffled texture and the finish and fit is superb. Light walls and rolled with perfection. The color goes perfectly with the tulip wood insert dipped in fat, tung-oil varnish. The downlocking Lemke skeleton has that perfect utilitarian 70's look, and the chrome guides gives the build a fresh look without becoming blingy or over the top. The Epic story continues... 

When I started to build fly rods fifteen years ago, I didn't quite understand the joyful challenge of restoration builds. But the older I get, the more beauty I find in these projects. First of all, it's a technical challenge to strip and old rod and give it a new nice outfit. Second, it's nice to be reminded that the rod designers in the 70-80's designed some damn good tapers, and that it's possible to make them even more pleasant to cast and fish. This is a trade in from a year ago, and also my new favorite in the Sage SFL series. I did own a factory build of this taper many years ago, but it was to heavily appointed and the grip didn't feel right. I prefer this blank with a short and light all-cork grip and seat, and a minimal aluminum skeleton. The previous owner put brass rings on the female ferrules which is always a good idea. I decided to keep them, but I blued them to make them blend in better. Chocolate silk wraps over chrome hardware and an Orvis style stripping guide. This blank is now full of new life and roars like a lion. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

7'6'', 4wt Nano-glass build for evaluation. 

This is the first CTS Quartz I have completed in a while. The quality is still outstanding, and this little 7'6'', 4wt is a great performer. The rod was completed with an up/downlocking cork seat and a neat, straight Ritz grip. Snake Brand Originals wrapped with Kimono silk in salmon pink. This rod will be featured in an American article about the fiberglass Renaissance, together with other premium rod builders. I do hope it will also get some time on the water next summer. That's what rods are for....

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Six years ago, I made one of my first Kabuto rods. That was a special build for my friend Cameron Mortensen, and the payment was an extra blank of the same taper and color. This extra blank has been waiting for completion ever since, but a few months ago I decided to pull the trigger. This is the 7'6'', 5wt taper, and it was completed with a DL Lemke seat with a nice piece of varnished Tulip wood. Light chrome guides wrapped with light brown silk, and a thin, straight Ritz grip. This rod is available through Alternative Tackle. Please contact me or the guys at Alternative Tackle.

This rod was a challenge for me. The request was to re-configure an old 8'6'', 7wt, 2pc Fisher blank from the 70s to a 4pc rod finished in classic Winston style. We all know that Fisher rolled blanks for Winston in the 70s, and what those rods looked like. But the challenge for me was to cut and re-ferrule an old blank to a travel rod. I have made that on a few rods, but not commercially. The blank came with a brown ferrule, and I really wanted to have the white Winston ferrule. But I decided to accept the challenge, and the result is very good. Up-locking Lemke seat with a custom Rosewood spacer from a piece of wood from my friend master luthier Lars Rasmussen. Chrome guides wrapped with claret silk and a vintage Mildrum stripping guide. A very classic Montana look, and a really nice performer. This will soon ship to Finland for some salmon fishing next year. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Seele weren't in business for a long time, but they made some great blanks. Especially the heavier blanks were quite spectacular, and this 8'8'', 8wt is no exception. Packable in 4pc configuration, with strong progressive action. Appointed with Lemke seat and tulip wood, chrome guides and Pearsall silk. Ready for the Russian salmons...