Saturday, May 9, 2015

As some of you might know, I have been an avid collector of Ari't Hart reels for many years. I have managed to acquire a few rare reels over the years, but I still miss a reel in his highly sought after grey, opalized finish. As you might also know, I have designed a reel that is available through DAP Reels in the Netherlands. I call it The Can, and the original version was made in black aluminum with a amber colored, plastic spool. My partner on DAP Reels, John Lindeman, asked me a year ago if I was interested in making a small run of my reel in the ATH opalized finish. This finish has an almost mythological status among ATH reel collectors, and very few know the technical specification of it. It wasn't hard to say yes, and here is the result. The finish is rock hard, and the grey color is a warm and bright and goes very well together with the brass color in the reel foot. The reel case was made by Giorgio Benecchi in Italy. This edition is available in a limited run through DAP Reels. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Epic 376 is the lightest in the Epic fiberglass series. This is one of the most versatile 3wt fiberglass rods on the market. It's even one of the nicest 3wts on the market, counting all materials. The light weight combined with the thin diameter of the blank gives this rod a crisp action with a very fast recovery and a medium fast flex curve. It has a firm butt and a soft tip that will protect light leaders and still be able to fight decent fish. This rod was appointed with my own reel seat and hardware in cross cut Bocote and nickel silver. Mildrum style stripping guide in tungsten and light wire chrome guides, all wrapped in Pearsall Java silk. This rod is available through Alternative Tackle in the UK. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

I have made  few switch rods over the last years, but never a spey rod. This has to do with my personal orientation towards trout fishing, but also the lack of DH blanks in fiberglass on the market. Many of my Scandinavian friends have been fishing with double handers for decades, and ever since I received this blank, I have showed it to many of my salmon fishing friends. All of them are very impressed of the action and balance of this taper. Carl McNeil and the Epic team made a great job designing this rod. It has a lot of punch and a solid back bone, without compromising that lively glass feel with a deep flex all the way down between the hands. The balance is spot on, and when you wiggle it, it feels light in hand and very crisp. Length 11'6'' and line weight 320-540 grains gives us a very versatile spey rod in fiberglass. This rod was appointed with a NOS Struble reel seat and Snake Brand Originals, all wrapped with YLI Charcoal silk and finished with epoxy. I look forward to build more of this blank in the future. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Here comes the last blank from the batch of 7'9'', 4/5wt Fine Tackle Progressives. This will serve as a demo rod for my UK vendor Alternative Tackle. This rod was appointed with a length-wise stacked bamboo reel seat and NS hardware, together with a 6.5'' straight Ritz grip and chrome guides under YLI silk. The reel seat is both up- and down locking. Why chose, when you can have both? 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I have two blanks left from the old Fine Tackle Progressive project. This is the first of them, and the last one is under completion. This build was appointed with a home turned wooden reel seat in myrtle wood. I received this piece of wood from a friend of mine who is a friend of Montana rod builder Marty Karstetter. I couldn't think of a more flattering provenience for a piece of wood, and it really gives a nice flavor to this rod. NS hardware and a straight Ritz grip, with stripping guide and snakes guides in chrome.  This rod was made on customers order. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's been a while since I completed a James Green blank. This is one of the last semi-parabolic blanks left from our cooperation a few years ago. I still have one left that I will keep for my personal use. This is a very nice taper, I love it even more today than back when we designed it. Light weight, semi-parabolic taper, very crisp and responsive. It was appointed with my own reel seat in blued brass and cross-cut Bocote. Straight Ritz grip with a flare at the front, Snake Brand Originals in dark nickel wrapped with Gossamer silk. This rod was sold before completion. 

This Epic 480 was made on order to a Swedish customer. The appointments are very contemporary, with a very comfortable Snub Nose grip and a downlocking reel seat from Joel Lemke. The insert was turned by me, and is made from Wenge wood, which is a very hard and has a deep and beautiful color. All guides on this rod were made by Alps, and they have the best coating on the market. Extremely durable, which is rare when it comes to black hardware. Wrapped in grey Gossamer silk, with black tipping.