Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some blanks are hard to give justice in a picture, and the Tom Morgans blanks belongs to those. Tom worked for a long time with his fiberglass series, tweaking the tapers and searching for the perfect burgundy color. I received one of the first blanks, and it was well worth the wait. It has a deep and rich color, darker than the Winston rods from the 70's, but related. The tapers also reminds me of the Winston's from that era. The tip is a bit stiffer than on the original Stalker series, and it has a lot of back bone. This rod is a 8', 5wt, and it feels powerful and reliable, yet extremely well balanced, refined and delicate. It's a tool made to fish with, and I have appointed it accordingly in classic Winston style. Nickel silver sliding seat over ebony from Bellinger, western grip, Mildrum stripper and chrome snake guides. I decided to use a thicker, red silk on this rod to make a reminder of it's heritage. The wraps glow like raspberry bon bons in the sun. This might be the perfect trout rod.