Monday, April 13, 2015

I have made  few switch rods over the last years, but never a spey rod. This has to do with my personal orientation towards trout fishing, but also the lack of DH blanks in fiberglass on the market. Many of my Scandinavian friends have been fishing with double handers for decades, and ever since I received this blank, I have showed it to many of my salmon fishing friends. All of them are very impressed of the action and balance of this taper. Carl McNeil and the Epic team made a great job designing this rod. It has a lot of punch and a solid back bone, without compromising that lively glass feel with a deep flex all the way down between the hands. The balance is spot on, and when you wiggle it, it feels light in hand and very crisp. Length 11'6'' and line weight 320-540 grains gives us a very versatile spey rod in fiberglass. This rod was appointed with a NOS Struble reel seat and Snake Brand Originals, all wrapped with YLI Charcoal silk and finished with epoxy. I look forward to build more of this blank in the future.