Saturday, May 9, 2015

As some of you might know, I have been an avid collector of Ari't Hart reels for many years. I have managed to acquire a few rare reels over the years, but I still miss a reel in his highly sought after grey, opalized finish. As you might also know, I have designed a reel that is available through DAP Reels in the Netherlands. I call it The Can, and the original version was made in black aluminum with a amber colored, plastic spool. My partner on DAP Reels, John Lindeman, asked me a year ago if I was interested in making a small run of my reel in the ATH opalized finish. This finish has an almost mythological status among ATH reel collectors, and very few know the technical specification of it. It wasn't hard to say yes, and here is the result. The finish is rock hard, and the grey color is a warm and bright and goes very well together with the brass color in the reel foot. The reel case was made by Giorgio Benecchi in Italy. This edition is available in a limited run through DAP Reels.