Monday, September 21, 2015

Here comes a recently finished bamboo rod made on a blank by the amazing Chris Bogart. The taper is Pezon&Michel's Fario Club, 8'5'', 6wt, 2pc in staggered configuration. The blank was appointed in typical P&M style, with the very characteristic wedding cake-styled winding check (turned in-house) and the french colored trim bands. Reel seat in Bronze anodization with an insert turned from laminated bamboo and a traditional Ritz grip. The rod was finished with Spar varnish over red silk. The rod has a powerful, parabolic taper and is ready to fish. I had the honor to meet Mr. Bogart when visiting Michigan this summer. He was a true gentleman, very humble and generous. He showed me some examples of his outstanding workmanship from the back of his car. This blank was originally order by my old friend, the reel designer Ingvar Nilsson. He asked me to finish it in P&M style, and I feel very proud of the assignment and the outcome. We have decided to list it for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.