Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Last year in March I participated in the Swedish Sportfishing Fair. One of the evenings, I was approached by Mr Gordon Sim, CEO of Loop Tackle. He was familiar of my work, and proposed a collaboration. Loop is a Swedish company that I have always admired, with great inventions and bold ideas. The offer was very flattering, and I decided to accept the challenge. I have been featuring a lot of fiberglass builds over the last five years, but to be honest, my philosophy is that all materials shine in their own way. This is the first outcome of our collaboration, a sweet 8'6'', 3wt graphite rod from the amazing Cross S1 series. I made one of these rods a couple years back, and decided to develop this build a few steps further. This blank is extremely light weight, and reasonably long for being a 3wt. Perfect for lifting up line when you have high banks behind you, or for high stick nymphing. Appointed with an all cork seat, with rubber/delrin butt cap, blued NS rings and pyrographic logo. No cork check, instead using the old Fine Tackle void. Straight Ritz grip, 5.5'' long, extra thin profile. Snake Brand Universals, wrapped with YLI silk in Charcoal. The reel is the iconic Loop Model 1, the smallest in the family - a perfect match. I have a bunch of upcoming trout weight blanks from this series. I hope that Mr. Sim will appreciate the result. I look forward to continue the collaboration with the amazing guys at Loop Tackle.