Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tom Morgan passed away last week. This is a great loss for the world of Fly Fishing in general, and for us rod builders in particular. I had the honor to represent Tom as his Scandinavian builder for the last five years, and he was always very generous and cheerful in our communication. My thoughts are with his family, and I hope that his business and legacy will continue to inspire and serve the sport for years to come.

I have always had a weakness for the early Winston years, especially the transition era between San Fransisco and Montana, when Tom Morgan revolutionized the industry with light line glass rods. This build was made for a Finnish friend and fishing companion, who share the same passion for old Winstons. We have been talking about this build for a long time. This blank comes from the first batch of TMR blanks, and was actually meant for myself. But sharing is caring, so I was delighted to offer this rod to Jukka. This first run of blanks are slightly more translucent in color, and has almost a tobacco sparkle in the weave. The build is appointed with classic Winston rods in mind. The combination of "German Nickel Silver" (as it says in the old catalogues), walnut and black delrin gives a nice flavor of old the Stalker and Trout series from the 70's. Together with a conservative full wells grip and a tungsten stripping guide, the result is very pleasing. I look forward to see this rod in action during our next trip together.