Sunday, February 17, 2019

When I started to build fly rods fifteen years ago, I didn't quite understand the joyful challenge of restoration builds. But the older I get, the more beauty I find in these projects. First of all, it's a technical challenge to strip and old rod and give it a new nice outfit. Second, it's nice to be reminded that the rod designers in the 70-80's designed some damn good tapers, and that it's possible to make them even more pleasant to cast and fish. This is a trade in from a year ago, and also my new favorite in the Sage SFL series. I did own a factory build of this taper many years ago, but it was to heavily appointed and the grip didn't feel right. I prefer this blank with a short and light all-cork grip and seat, and a minimal aluminum skeleton. The previous owner put brass rings on the female ferrules which is always a good idea. I decided to keep them, but I blued them to make them blend in better. Chocolate silk wraps over chrome hardware and an Orvis style stripping guide. This blank is now full of new life and roars like a lion.