Thursday, July 2, 2015

I try to always be unique in my style and never copy someone else work. But sometimes I see something that really makes me curious, and this time I really needed to try this myself. I have been following the work of Japanese bamboo builder Katsumi Harada for quite some time, and I'm a huge admirer of his rods. I especially love the grips, and how they are integrated with the reel seat. It's somewhat related to the works of Stephen Boshoffs work in South Africa. I believe in shorter grips, where the reel is sitting very close to the hand. Mr. Harada makes this reel seat/grip on all his rods, and I can guarantee that it's very well balanced and ergonomic. The blank is a Yellow River 6'6'', 3wt, a crisp brook trout taper with nice flex curve and quick recovery, appointed with Snake Brand Originals all wrapped in orange silk. This rod is going to the highly talented leather craftsman Chris Fox, who in return is working on a leather creel for me. Chris is up and coming, and I'm proud to be making this trade with him. Check out his work at