Friday, May 20, 2016

Things have been moving slowly this spring. Too much at the office and not so much in the shop. Good thing is all the time I get to think about new designs. This rod was built on an Ijuin 7'05'', 4wt "Hard-Para" blank, and sets a new standard for me when it comes to reel seat and grip shape. I have been lurking around ergonomic grips and the transition between reel seat and cork for a while. This rod combines a flat Ritz with a Harada style reel seat, and the result is perfect. The reel seat was turned by sea drenched black oak from an old sunken East India ship with hardware in blued NS. The grip is 5.5'' short, with a flat Ritz tapering towards the blank. A small, blued Mildrum stripper and Snake Brand Originals wrapped with golden Pearsall Gossamer. The rod sock was made in a new Band-aid colored fabric. I'm very happy with the result.