Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This rod has been on the drawing table for quite some time. The customer is a nice American gentleman, Mr. Rodney Bohannon, with a very passionate relation to both fine tackle and exciting fishing. The blank is one of the contemporary classics, the Kabuto 8', 5wt. I have one of these rods myself, built by my friend Matt Leiderman. The high level of craftsmanship on Matt's build, together with the inspiring ideas from Mr. Bohannon has resulted in a unique rod. A rod that is not so typical for me...

I usually don't use burl cork in my grips. I really don't see any functional benefits from them, and they rarely add anything to the visual result. But this time it all became different. One day I received a mail from Mr. Bohannon, where he asked if I would consider adding two thin rings of burl cork. "I'm Native American Indian, Cherokee tribe. They mean the circle of life, and the circle of fire. The next time you look up and see the moon with another circle around it, honor your ancestors with your thoughts. It brings good luck!". This story added a spiritual meaning to this rod, and all of a sudden those two burl rings became essential to the outcome.

The rest of the rod is appointed with a custom made Bellinger reel seat. It has a wooden insert and a detachable fighting butt in stabilized Amboyna. The guides are wrapped with light grey Pearsall silk, and tipped with Pearsall silk in "Salmonberry". My sewing skills was challenged when Mr. Bohannon asked if I could do a special pocket for the fighting butt. I love details.